ENERGY gasoline produced by LLC Torgovy Dom Neftemasloproduktov is gasoline with improved environmental performance and consumer properties

ENERGY gasoline is produced on the basis of gasoline produced by LLC Torgovy Dom Neftemasloproduktov, which not only meets all the requirements of DSTU, but also has the best performance in acidity, tar, benzene and aromatic hydrocarbons. By production of ENERGY gasoline the synthetic multipurpose package of additives developed for this product by the German concern BASF is used..

In collaboration with BASF

To improve the performance of gasoline produced by Torgovy Dom Neftemasloproduktov, BASF concern specifically for the Company                         a multifunctional additive package has been developed that contributes to the enhancement of anti-corrosion and detergent properties,                         as well as the environmental performance of gasoline. This is a synthetic multifunctional additive package of the Keropur ® ENERGY brand,                         based on the unique KEROCOM®PIBA technology of the BASF concern. This trademark is registered exclusively and                         was developed specifically for use by LLC Torgovy Dom Neftemasloproduktov. The demulsifier contained in Keropur® ENERGY provides                         optimal phase separation of gasoline and water, which is especially important when refueling, because it prevents water from entering the                         tank. Keropur ® ENERGY also contains special components to reduce internal friction in the motor, which contributes to                         optimum engine operation in different climatic conditions (including - at significant sub-zero temperatures). Application                         This additive package allows you to produce fuel that meets all the requirements of the World Fuel Charter up to                         up to category 4 in terms of deposits on the inlet (injection) system valves. Use of this multifunctional                         The additive package allows you to maintain the cleanliness of the engine fuel injection system at the required technical level.                         Thus, the optimum composition of the fuel-air mixture is ensured and the most complete and effective is guaranteed.                         fuel combustion. Keropur ® ENERGY provides complete corrosion protection for not only the fuel system of an automobile engine,                         but also of all metal structures that are in contact with the fuel, and also allows to significantly reduce the level of harmful emissions                         substances in the exhaust gases.

Diesel fuel ENERGY production of LLC "Torgovy Dom Neftemasloproduktov" - an environmentally safe fuel with optimal performance

ENERGY diesel fuel is a continuation of the brand line of LLC Torgovy Dom Neftemasloproduktov. ENERGY diesel fuel is made on the basis of diesel fuel,                          also produced by the Company, and has the highest performance. Diesel fuel ENERGY, like gasoline of the same name,                          It was produced in collaboration with the German concern BASF, who was the developer of the additive package Keropur ® DP ENERGY.

Exclusive from the world leader in the chemical industry

Keropur ® DP ENERGY synthetic multifunctional additive package was developed specifically for Torgovy Dom Neftemasloproduktov based on a unique                         KEROCOM®PIBA technology. The use of this package allows you to optimize the process of formation of the fuel-air mixture and its effective                         combustion; Keropur ® DP ENERGY also has excellent properties to help maintain cleanliness and cleaning of the fuel system,                         and guarantees its effective protection against corrosion. The Keropur ® DP ENERGY additive package contains an effective demulsifier, as well as                         special defoamer, which significantly reduces the amount of foam formed during filling and pumping diesel fuel, and accelerates its deposition.                         The complex components of the additive Keropur ® DP ENERGY can significantly increase the oxidative stability of diesel fuel and its stability                         during prolonged storage.

From production ecology to fuel ecology

- This is the main algorithm of the modernization concept of LLC Torgovy Dom Neftemasloproduktov. Production of gasoline with improved performance ENERGY,                         and then ENERGY diesel fuel is a new stage in the Company's production development. It marks a new level of production                         and the transition to the system of standards in which improved performance characteristics of products are a prerequisite for the manufacturer                         fuel. For example, in some countries (including the USA) it is stipulated by law that all fuel sold at gas stations must be                         in the factory and must contain additives with cleansing and detergent properties. It is these criteria that LLC "Torgovy Dom Neftemasloproduktov" is guided by.                         having mastered the production of gasoline and diesel fuel with improved performance characteristics and relying on their mass production.

ENERGY gasoline and diesel fuel produced by LLC Torgovy Dom Neftemasloproduktov - in unison with the times!

New technologies, guaranteed quality and high environmental friendliness!

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