Sale of petroleum products

Shipment of oil products by road transport is carried out on the basis of delivery contracts in accordance with the submitted shipping applications and if there is a prepayment, based on the priority of receipt of prepayment on the account of LLC «Torgovy Dom Neftemasloproduktov» (date and time of transfer of funds to the account of LLC «Torgovy Dom Neftemasloproduktov»).

Information on the conclusion of Oil Product Supply Contracts (enclosure or standard form) of LLC «Torgovy Dom Neftemasloproduktov»:

In order to prepare invoices for prepayment in time and be able to form shipment plans, we ask to send beforehand shipping applications, specifying the lot, price and delivery terms (the form and order of submission are specified above in the item "Information on the conclusion of oil product supply contracts (accession or standard form) of LLC «Torgovy Dom Neftemasloproduktov»") to:

Contacts for sharing information:

  • conclusion of contracts: tel.(0536) 76-11-54, 76-13-77, 76-19-77, 76-15-83
  • shipment: tel. (0536) 76-80-40, 76-14-72, 76-81-08, 76-18-15, 76-10-16
  • mutual settlements for the oil products: tel. (0536) 76-11-82, 76-10-45, 76-11-89.

Contacts to resolve issues that require further agreement: