Social sphere

Having a large production potential, LLC "TORGOVY DOM NEFTEMASLOPRODUKTOV" has created and develops the social sphere. The concern about the health of the members of the work collective dictated the creation of a whole complex of medical, health and cultural institutions.

Sanatorium - preventorium "Ivushka" health complex "Neftekhimik" with a health and fitness base. Sanatorium is located in the village. Omelnik Kremenchug district.


Children's holiday camp "Sunny" recreation complex "Neftekhimik", in which children from 6 to 16 years of rest.


The medical unit "Neftekhimik" with a health pool and the latest diagnostic equipment. Not only employees of the plant, but also residents of the city enjoy medical care, which includes examination, treatment and rehabilitation.

Медико-санитарная часть

The sports complex of the Center of Culture, Sports and Recreation "Neftekhimik" includes a stadium, sports grounds and the best swimming pool in the Poltava region "Dolphin" of the Olympic type.

Спортивный комплекс Нефтехимик

The Palace of Culture of the Center for Culture, Sports and Leisure "Neftekhimik", in which amateur associations and folk art groups, including children's groups, work. In the Palace there is a cinema, cafe, etc.

House of Culture Neftekhimik

Combine catering

КОП Нефтехимик